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  • Night Fishing
  • Pick-up service
  • Corporate Teambuilding Events
  • Fish Mounting
  • Salt Water Flats Fishing
  • Gator Hunts

Hog Hunts

 Give us a call to inquire about addition these services.








Half Day  = 4 hours


  3rd  person *


Super Half Day = 6 hours


3rd person *


Full Day = 8 hours

$ 350.00

3rd person *


Live Wild Shiners work the BEST to Land the Catch of a Lifetime!!!



Artificial Lures are always available upon request. 

However, Largemouth Bass' natural instinct is to

attack and devore live bait.

Captain Jay suggest Wild Live Shiners to be the most

productive for making

memories for the

Catch of a Lifetime.







  • Live Wild Shiners are sold by the dozen


 $20.00 plus tax


  • Half-day of  bass fishing / with two fishing



Approx. 4 dozen needed

  • Super half - day of bass fishing / with two fishing
Approx 5 dozen  needed


  • Full - day of bass fishing / with two fishing


Approx 6 dozen  needed

* It is our absolute goal to give you the most memorable Bass fishing excursion ever. Typically bass boats are made to accommodate 2 to 3 passengers comfortably. We do our very best to give you the most comfortable relaxing trip possible.

Prices listed above are for one or two fisherman / women. Please see the additional charge for the 3rd person.  Additional bait will also be needed for the 3rd person.




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